Subject: Re: [ (ID-number:13812) Petition for Solaris/NetBSD/SPARC Opera]
To: David Brownlee <>
From: Brian Hechinger <>
List: port-sparc
Date: 06/18/2001 13:03:31
On Mon, Jun 18, 2001 at 05:12:50PM +0100, David Brownlee wrote:
> 	Linux emulation also works on alpha and powerpc (I don't think
> 	m68k and arm has been completed yet), and solaris emulation should
> 	also work on i386.

so the best bet for NetBSD/sparc is the Solaris version then?

> 	It also applies to NetBSD/i386, and NetBSD/powerpc (though I
> 	think that may also still be underway). I use the pkgsrc opera
> 	on my i386 box. Its passable, though it does have some quite
> 	annoying quirks.

does NetBSD/sparc do Linux/sparc emulation?

> 	Out of curiosity, what sparc box do you have?

sparc20 (single CPU HyperSPARC) but it's the FDDI card that i can't use if i
use NetBSD.

> 	You need to convince them enough people would want/buy it. Maybe
> 	put together a list of people and number of copies per arch
> 	interest?

i've started this already (haven't you already sent me mail on this?) i was
just testing the water with the Solaris/NetBSD/sparc bit, but since they
(Opera) seem to be a little more clueful than other companies, i think we 
should be able to make some progress on this.  i'll send out a mass cross list
posting one of these days to all the NetBSD port lists, but i need to get a
little more organized before i do that.

Oliver Bruckauf said:

> Seems we're exactly in the same camp. Once I have the guts to replace my
> music (Harddisk recording etc.) PC with a Mac the only intel left will be the

my PC laptop just died, but since all i used it for was playing Diablo II (the
battery wasn't very good, so it was useless to haul around as an actual laptop)
and since Diablo II is supported on the Mac, i'm saving up my money for a new
Mac Laptop. :)

> company laptop. My main working machine is unsupported too as long as NetBSD is
> not multiprocessor. It's a Sparc20 with quad Ross procs. And yes, I also

what speed?  are you a lucky guy?  i'd love quad 200Mhz, but they cost a bit
much, although i'd just be happy for a second 150Mhz HyperSPARC.

> love Opera. I was one of the persons that tried to convince them into an OS/2
> port years back in my TeamOS/2 time in Germany.

they seem to be pretty forward thinking about porting to stuff, and they also
seem to be willing to listen to what people have to say.  i LOVE opera, the
web browser _AND_ the complany. :)