Subject: [ (ID-number:13812) Petition for Solaris/NetBSD/SPARC Opera]
To: None <>
From: Brian Hechinger <>
List: port-sparc
Date: 06/18/2001 10:59:33
this is the response i got from opera.  what works better in NetBSD?  Linux
emulation or Solaris emulation? if Solaris then this is a win, otherwise we
will just have to bug them every once in a while for a *BSD version.

also, "Seeing as Opera has been reported as running fine under Linux emulation"
is this true of Linux/Sparc or Linux/i386?

i'm just glad i won't have to use IE5/Netscape on my workstation anymore!!


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Subject: (ID-number:13812) Petition for Solaris/NetBSD/SPARC Opera

You may be happy to learn that we are working on a Solaris port right now. It is being tested internally, and we are preparing for a release, although it's difficult to give you an exact time frame. A Sparc Solaris version will probably come before an x86 Solaris version of Opera.

As for native *BSD versions, I am not sure what the status is there. Seeing as Opera has been reported as running fine under Linux emulation, such a port might not be a high priority, but I believe our developers are considering it.

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Håvard K. Moen
Technical Service Consultant
Opera Software <>

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