Subject: RE: New to the club...
To: None <>
From: Harald Barth <>
List: port-sparc
Date: 06/17/2001 14:32:03
> 	To make sure I understand this right, I can take a DEC VT420, in
> vt100 mode, use the DEC keyed MMJ wire into the DEC H8571-F MMJ<->DB25
> adaptor on the back of the Sun? 9600/8/none/1 settings, right?

Yes, it is a DB25 DTE but female not male as on the DEC boxes. I don't
know which of the MMJ stuff is straight and which is null.

The default for the console is like this

	keyboard plugged in => 
		console input keyboard 
		console output graphics
		break to monitor with keys L1(Stop) + A 
		break to monitor when plugging in keyboard again

	keyboard not plugged in =>
		console ttya
		break to monitor is break
		break when disturbing ttya line (switching on/off terminal)

If you by accident hit a break, type "go".