Subject: Re: New to the club...
To: David Woyciesjes <>
From: NetBSD Bob <>
List: port-sparc
Date: 06/15/2001 17:19:30
> 	I'll probably put the K/V/M om the LX anyway, since it's the best of
> the bunch... BTW, X does run on it, right?

Just fine.

> 	To make sure I understand this right, I can take a DEC VT420, in
> vt100 mode, use the DEC keyed MMJ wire into the DEC H8571-F MMJ<->DB25
> adaptor on the back of the Sun? 9600/8/none/1 settings, right?

Yes.  That should work.  IF you use a normal cable, I think you need
the null feature.  The DEC mmj stuff was wired crossed already to
each end of the mmj cable.

> -> ... If you follow the sun nvram.faq you can see how
> -> to wire up external batteries to the chips to reuse them...
> 	Yeah, I saw that and read up on that. I dunno about doing the solder
> work (we'll see), I'll probably just drop the $20 for a new chip...

Both does fine.  I have a tiny 10 watt iron with a very fine tip that
I use to do that.  Most any 15 watt or less iron will do.  Just don't
drink much coffee when you set down to the iron....(:+\\.....