Subject: RE: New to the club...
To: 'NetBSD Bob' <>
From: David Woyciesjes <>
List: port-sparc
Date: 06/15/2001 16:16:28
Bob ---
	Thanks for the notes. Couple points inline...

-> > ...2 SPARCStation 1+ boxes, a SPARCStation 2, and I'm
-> > awaiting delivery on a SPARCStation LX...
-> The LX is the fastest box, so probably concentrate on that first.
-> The SS2 is the second fastest.  Combine all the best ram/drives/bits
-> out of the SS1's into the SS2.  I did that on mine, and it runs
-> relatively well on 64mb ram and a pair of internal HD's and floppy.
-> Use low power HD's if you have them, since heat can be a problem on
-> any of the SS1/SS2 crates...

What about adding a well-placed fan or two?

-> The sleds out of the SS1 should work in
-> the SS2, if you remove the bottom screen (too thick).
-> The SS1's are slow, but even those can be usable for some things
-> that don't require speed, like webservers or ftpservers or 
-> bootservers.

I assume that they boot headless alright? I only have one K/V/M setup...

-> Pick and choose the best nvram chips and use those.

Huh? I don't have the boxes on front of me. A touch more info might be
helpful. Also, since I know nothing about Sun-specific hardware, I'm worried
about screwing up :-)

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