Subject: network+scsi cd
To: None <>
From: <>
List: port-sparc
Date: 06/11/2001 18:00:51
Shannon Hendrix writes:
#On Fri, Jun 01, 2001 at 05:38:44PM +0200, Volker Borchert wrote:
#> |> can i disable ipv6 completely.
#> Dunno. grep -i the init scripts for v6 and then read up the manpages
#> for the commands near the occurences.
#/etc/rc.d/network uses ifconfig to see if ipv6 is in the kernel and
#configures it if it's there.

The obvious place to look. <make homer simpson sound here>
sorry folks, i'm still finding my way around all the files.

anyway i changed the script it and it's keeping quiet now.

although i keep finding stuff which i don't know how to solve/explain.

1.i set up anonymous FTP and when i connect from another machine
everything looks fine. but when i transfer a file it does it
for about 30 seconds and then stops. when i then reget the file it
starts up again for 30 seconds and stops again.
it does not error out or anything, it just sits there and no packets
go accross the wire anymore.
the client is a clean install RH6.2 so i doubt anythings wrong with
that. but then again the SS1+ is also a pretty clean machine (just the
latest stable release nothing else).
i don't even know how to start finding this... any ideas ?

2.i have two scsi cdrom's. a 1x and a 4x.
when i initially installed netbsd i only had the 1x connected via the
external scsi bus. everything went fine.
then i played around a bit w/ a scsi tapedrive and when reconnecting
the 1x cd it wouldn't function anymore.
so i opened up the box and connected the 4x on the internal stub.
and that worked fine.
last weekend i reconnected the 1x to see if it was really broken.
and both of them are seen by the kernel at boot.
so i did a 'makedev cd1' (cd0 is now the 4x)
but when i try to mount the 1x it gives some lowlevel scsi errors and 
refuses to mount the drive.
BUT when i use the install floppies and let it load its setupfiles from
/dev/cd1a it gives a short DATA error (similar (but shorter)to the one
i get when trying to use it when booting normally) but then is happy.
it loads its files w/o complaining. this is where i stopped because i 
don't want to reinstall the machine just yet.
so what did i do wrong when adding /dev/cd1* (btw major and minor
numbers look okay) or is there a difference between the
kernel(cd-driver) on the install floppy and the one you get after 
installation ?

tnx jo