Subject: Re: sparc64 amd weirdness
To: None <>
From: Simon Gerraty <>
List: port-sparc
Date: 06/09/2001 22:45:55
On 08 Jun 2001 23:35:02 -0000, wrote:
>amd on sparc64 does have some issues.  I find that it does not
>recognize when I change CDROMs.  There are probably some latent
>LP64BE bugs lying around somewhere.  However, I have never had any
>problems with /net mounts either from the sparc64 box or the
>other way around.

Yep, my /host map works fine too.

Very weird.

>First of all, I have no reason to beleive NIS works (or doesn't work
>for that matter) so if you're using that you should test it out first.

NIS itself seems to work, but we don't use NIS maps for amd (I do at
home though).

>Other than that, I would recommend trying to recompile the amd binaries,
>and maybe the RPC libs and see if that helps any.

Recompiling amd didn't help.  By RPC libs I assume you mean libc?

I guess a new kernel wouldn't hurt too...