Subject: Re: /instfs: file system full
To: Peter J Jones <>
From: David Brownlee <>
List: port-sparc
Date: 06/06/2001 00:37:54
	I just tried the 1.5.1_BETA2 images on a sparc5 (with a good
	chunk of memory) and all was OK. My feeling is there must be
	something very strange going on if its memory related - such
	as something dumping core and that is what is reporting the
	filesystem full.

	Can you confirm your bootup messages just before the 'from
	where do you want to load the next stage' reports an md of
	size 1360.

	I have a sparc2 here I should be able to set to 16MB to test
	the boot, though maybe not tonight (uh, this morning :)

		David/absolute		-- No hype required --

On Thu, 31 May 2001, Peter J Jones wrote:

> Hey, remember back when David Brownlee said:
> > 	Could you try the 1.5.1_BETA2 snapshot disk images
> Same thing happened. After inserting the second disk and pressing
> enter, I get all kinds of messages about full file systems.