Subject: Re: making old sparcs run fast
To: None <>
From: <>
List: port-sparc
Date: 06/01/2001 16:11:33

tnx for all the info i got. nice to see a list where people are so
the weather's been magnificent (finally) around here so i didn't spend
much time indoors. but luckily ;-) the weatherforecast is really bad
for the weekend.

#|> that's what i'm a bit afraid of.
#|> it would have to serve two 10Mbit connections.
#That would probably push the machine to its limits, but with ample
#memory, it might do, depending on how heavily those network segments
#are loaded, how much of the traffic actually needs to be routed, and
#how much NAT and filtering has to be done.

i had a stock of old simms so the SS1 now has 64MB.

#What's more, I wouldn't like to try to get two NICs to cooperate in an
#ISA PC (can you spell "interrupt conflict" and "port adress

hmmm, don't make it sound that bad. i found it quite painless.

#With a Sun, you plug in a 501-2015 or so, create /etc/hostname.le1,
#reboot, and it just works.

okay, i thought what the heck i'll just dump in the other card and see
what happens....

when the kernel boots it enumerates all devices.
it finds le0 . sbus so-and-so more blah address: <addr1>
it finds le1 . sbus so-and-so more blah address: <addr2>

now addr1 and addr2 are indentical! i thought that these addresses were
the MAC addressess. which i must be unique by definition.
so how come they're the same?

then it started complaining that it found a conflict while setting up
ipv6 stuff. it used the MAC addr and consequently found an addr

i know 'standard' tcp/ip stuff and currently don't need v6 or know
anything about it. (probably should do some reading on the subject)
can i disable ipv6 completely.
my guess would be via sysctl, but that looked more like pandora's box.

off course if i can get ipv6 to work that would be better. but since i
lack the understanding that doesn't seem likely.


ps: somebody mentioned something about the SS1 being power hungry.
any ideas on this ?