Subject: Re: Booting a SS1+
To: Tom Vander Aa <>
From: David Brownlee <>
List: port-sparc
Date: 09/28/2000 19:07:10
On Thu, 28 Sep 2000, Tom Vander Aa wrote:

> I dug up an old Sparc Station 1+ and tried to boot NetBSD on it using
> the network as boot device. I got as far as booting the kernel (ie
> through the OpenBoot, rarp, tftp and bootparamd stages, loading and
> booting the kernel via nfs). When booting the kernel it panics when
> trying to access memory at location 0xf0005000. Possible cause is the
> fact that someone removed the floppy drive.
	Shouldn't be a problem - I'm running 1.5_ALPHA2 on a sparc10
	without a floppy here. What version of NetBSD are you trying?

	How does it panic - does it drop into DDB?

> My question(s):
>  - How do I enable the kernel debugger? (via bootparamd??) This would
> make it possible to generate a trace...

	You can try 'boot le()netbsd -d', which may work.

>  - What device is mapped at 0xf0005000 (fdc??)? 

	Don't have an ss1 to hand here to test.

>  - Could someone compile me a kernel without fdc support? (if that
> should be the problem) (I don't feel like going through the hassle of
> making a complete cross-compiler.
	Can do - 1.5_ALPHA2 OK?

> My system is a Sparc Station 1+, 52MB ram.

	Do you know if the RAM is good?

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