Subject: X, wscons on ELC
To: None <>
From: Kevin Read <>
List: port-sparc
Date: 09/26/2000 06:01:25
Hi folks,

I just netbooted my new ELC into 1.5_ALPHA2. First I noticed that even if
I put the right device files (or so I hope) into /dev, wscons console
switching doesn't seem to work. Is wscons available on sparc?

The second problem I ran into is with X. The X server comes up alright,
but I can't use the sun mouse connected to my type 4 keyboard. Is there
something I must set anywhere to support this? Or is my mouse broken?

BTW, X with twm works without swapping on the 8mb of the ELC. Bib big
kudos to all of you. Great work!