Subject: Re: Adding disks to a system
To: Brandon D. Valentine <>
From: Goldarg <>
List: port-sparc
Date: 09/24/2000 16:37:01
> Yeah, you're right, ccd is probably his best bet if he must use an IPC
> for a newsspool.  He might consider getting a better sparc though if he
> wants to get decent performance out of this.  I don't know how many
> users he plans to run off of it, if any, but it's not gonna be a speed
> demon by any means.  Old ss5/10/20 machines are so cheap now!  Hell,
> even some of the Ultras can be had for PC-like prices.  It's incredible.

At the moment the only user of the newsfeed is myself :) I'm a news junkie
and my access provider doesnt have the best feed so I have set up leafnode
to run a little spool fetching from a couple locations to give me the feed
I want.

So far the IPC has done a great job as a little server for my personal
use. I run a mailing list archive off of it with fetchmail and hypermail,
the newsfeed for my personal use, apache to serve the hypermail archive to
the world and I'm working on setting up Samba as a wins server for my
little network.

NetBSD has done some great things for me and this little 25mhz box, Its
starting to get a little slow when I use it for interactive shells so I
plan to add another sparc to my collection next time I find one for a good
going price and switch to it for interactive use leaving the IPC running
my network.
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