Subject: Re: Java
To: None <>
From: Kees Jan Koster <>
List: port-sparc
Date: 09/24/2000 01:50:01
Dear Scott,

> I`m pretty sure the Sun reference port of 1.2 will work on NetBSD
> 1.4.2 under Solaris emulation. I haven`t tried it recently although I
> will be testing it within the next few days since I need a working JDK
> to bootstrap a native port.
I have written a little howto specifically for bootstrapping a JDK
build on platforms without a working JDK. It is quite simple to invoke
Java on another machine through rsh(1).

Scripts and description can be found on my web site. Click on
"Bootstrap JDK" under the header "New BSD Platform Ports".

    Kees Jan

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