Subject: Re: Anyone using NetBSD/sparc on an SS10 please read
To: Steven Grunza <>
From: =?iso-8859-1?Q?David_Sieb=F6rger?= <>
List: port-sparc
Date: 09/21/2000 17:12:05
On Thu 2000-09-21 (10:36), Steven Grunza wrote:
> If you are running any version of NetBSD/sparc on a Sun SS10,
> please let me know how you got it up and running.  I really don't
> want to go out and buy Solaris for this but I might have to if I
> can't get NetBSD running.

Hi Steven,

I had similar trouble netbooting an SS5-170 (a Netra i).  Like your
SS10, it found its address using RARP, but wasn't able to connect to
the NFS server (FreeBSD/i386 4.0-RELEASE) to get the kernel.  Where
you got unknown error 72, I got error 13.  I could connect one of my
SPARCclassics to the same network point, issue the same "boot net"
command, and it'd boot fine.

I didn't manage to debug the problem, because I installed NetBSD by
means of a spare 200MB disk in a Unipack.  I attached the external
disk to a NetBSD SPARCclassic, and wrote the miniroot to the disk. 
Then attached the disk to the SS5, and did a "boot disk1:b".

Have you attempted to boot the miniroot by using your Solaris
installation to dd the miniroot into a swap partition and boot off
that?  This procedure is described in the INSTALL file, under the
heading "Installing NetBSD by using the NetBSD miniroot."