Subject: re: SunPC support?
To: DP <>
From: matthew green <>
List: port-sparc
Date: 09/18/2000 02:45:05
   card - they were made with 486/25, 486/50, and 486/133, possibly others as

today's version of it is a SunPCi card, which you can use on any of
the PCI-based machines they are shipping now.  i have one in my U10
but it appears to be badly designed as (for solaris, at least) it
requires a special drivers for win95, win98 or winnt.  it comes with
caldera opendos, from where you can install windoze, and the latest
"release" of the software desupported win95 i believe.  i use it to
do cygwin test builds so i don't need to reboot my laptop :-)

i've tried hacking around with disk images to make it boot netbsd but
it doesn't like it.  it's surprising/annoying because it does boot
via a normal PC boot sequence .... and sun have not answered my
queries about technical docs for it...