Subject: re: Cache and Ethernet Info request
To: matthew green <>
From: Jon Lindgren <>
List: port-sparc
Date: 09/15/2000 12:49:37
On Sat, 16 Sep 2000, matthew green wrote:

>    be is supported, although its performance is rather lackluster at the
>    moment.  I use a be at home in an SS5 with no problems (other that
>    lackluster performance ;-)  From what I hear the hme is not yet a great
>    performer, although that was a few months ago - things may have changed.
> hmm... i have a be in my SS2 i'll hae to test out (now that i can connect
> it (cross over) to other 100mbit ethernet devices at home).  one of the
> problems with 'be' is that it isn't a full duplex device.  it is also
> well-known that it (the hardware) sucks and is slow (under solaris).

Yep.  I view the be as more of a "I can connect to my 100BT
equipment" rather than "I can effectively use my 100BT equipment."  Heck,
I'd love to drop the be and hme altogether and use FDDI, but FDDI support
under non-solaris just ain't great these days (through no fault of NetBSD
- mostly the hardware vendors ;-/

Mostly I complain because I'm impatient.  Mostly.

> hme not great?  i was getting over 6MB/sec through mine (on a U5) with
> ttcp to my alpha (pc164 -- 500mhz) with a tlp card (cross over).  not
> *too* bad at all...

Cool - like I said, my last experience with it was a number of months
ago.  It appears that things have changed (for the better ;-)  I'll have
to fire up my hme again soon, I guess.

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