Subject: Re: Cache and Ethernet Info request
To: None <>
From: Michael Wolfson <>
List: port-sparc
Date: 09/15/2000 10:36:49
At 1:10 PM +0200 9/15/00, Thomas Michael Wanka wrote:

:)The independent Sbus drivers page reports le, be, en as supported,
:)the FAQ says be is not supported. I think I will try to get a hme and
:)use current.

Er, the FAQ says:

What sbus ethernet cards are available (top)

              le - 10Mb LANCE-based.
              qe - Quad 10Mb ethernet SBus card.
              be - Older 100Mb ethernet (aka "Big Mac"). Does not do full
              hme - 100Mb ethernet (aka "Happy Meal"). Does full duplex.
              qfe - Quad 100Mb; basicaly four hme's on one sbus board.
  NetBSD releases currently supports the le, qe and be; NetBSD-current
supports the hme.

That is, be is supported, but doesn't have "full duplex" mode (which gives
twice the performance of "half duplex").  Only hme and qfe support full
duplex.  Someone correct me if I'm wrong (and I'll correct the FAQ).

  -- MW