Subject: Re: 1024x768 cgthree strangeness
To: None <>
From: Grey Wolf <>
List: port-sparc
Date: 09/14/2000 10:12:30
On Thu, 14 Sep 2000 wrote:

# 	I have a cgthree that appears to want to be a 1024x768 device.
# 	(If anyone knows how to tell it to be 1152x900 that would be
# 	great, but that is not the bug here).

It will go to 1152x900 iff your monitor supports that particular res.
If not, it will default to 1024x768.  This is evident most often on 
the very low end sun monitors.

# 	If I use the normal cg3 or cg6 as the console device, and the
# 	1024x768 as the second framebuffer, the kernel detects it as
# 	1152x900 and it doesn't work at all - the getpropint() calls in
# 	fb_setsize_obp() do not extract the width or height.

Now THAT's odd...

# 	So... anyone have any ideas - also does anyone know how to list
# 	the properties of an sbus card from a prom on a sparc10?

ok cd /iommu/sbus
ok ls
[look at what's there, keep drilling down until you hit the
cg6/cg3/whatever, and cd to it.]
ok .attributes (or .properties, whichever your PROM supports)

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