Subject: 1024x768 cgthree strangeness
To: None <>
From: None <>
List: port-sparc
Date: 09/14/2000 10:44:28
	I have a cgthree that appears to want to be a 1024x768 device.
	(If anyone knows how to tell it to be 1152x900 that would be
	great, but that is not the bug here).

	If I use it as the console device, with either a cg6 or another
	(normal) cg3 as the second device, all is happy in X.

	If I use the normal cg3 or cg6 as the console device, and the
	1024x768 as the second framebuffer, the kernel detects it as
	1152x900 and it doesn't work at all - the getpropint() calls in
	fb_setsize_obp() do not extract the width or height.

	So... anyone have any ideas - also does anyone know how to list
	the properties of an sbus card from a prom on a sparc10?

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