Subject: Booting a UWS1/170E from external disk on esp
To: None <>
From: Steven Grunza <>
List: port-sparc
Date: 09/13/2000 10:47:37
So I've got my Ultra1 clone setup as follows:

hme ------------->| HUB |
SBus le --------->| HUB |
port-i386 PC ---->| HUB |

fas -------->internal ST32171W 2 GB disk ID 0
       \---->internal PX-12TS CD-ROM ID 6

SBus esp---->external 2 GB disk ID 5

The port-i386 PC has the same type of external SCSI connector as the SBus
esp card, so....

1)  How would I configure the NetBSD-1.4.2 PC to write the necessary boot
blocks and files to the external disk (fixing endian problems, if any) so
that I could then plug the drive into the Ultra1 clone and boot from the
external disk?

2)  What is the correct OpenBoot 3.0 incantation for booting off the second
disk?  My SS1 would be simply:  boot sd(1,5,0)netbsd

A probe-scsi-all (with the external disk not attached) gave:
Target 0
  Unit 0  DISK ......
Target 6
  Unit 0  Removable Read Only device .......



(Note: There was more info for the DISK and CDROM that I didn't hand copy
from the serial console....)

I can get the Ultra1 clone to almost netboot.  So I may be able to netboot
to the point where it wants to know where the root partition is located and
then give the external drive as the root partition....

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