Subject: Re: Wanted: Linux driver for cgtwelve video
To: James Sharp <>
From: David C. Myers <>
List: port-sparc
Date: 09/12/2000 17:50:06
> I could not locate a cg12 driver in the linux source.  The closest I
> found was the cg14.  This was in one of the latest 2.4.0 test kernel
> source trees.

Hmm.  I'm surprised. says they support it.  A cg12
is not the same as a cg14; the former is a triple-wide SBus card, the
latter is (I believe) the built-in video on some models of Sparc 10s and

The cgtwelve is also sometimes known as a "Sun GS" board.  But there
again, you have to be careful: the "Sun GT" board is not the same thing

Thanks for looking.