Subject: Wanted: Linux driver for cgtwelve video
To: None <>
From: David C. Myers <>
List: port-sparc
Date: 09/12/2000 15:57:53
Does anybody have Sparc Linux with full source installed?  I'm looking
for their driver for the Sun cgtwelve board; I'd like to use it as a
reference for the NetBSD driver I'm going to start working on.  But I'm
no Linux user, and an hour's effort in trying to track down a
"cgtwelve.c" file has proven fruitless.

So, if anybody has it convenient, could you email it to me? 
Alternatively, pointers to a browseable Linux source archive would also
be welcome...

It's a lame request, I know.  But trying to figure out how the Linux
folks package their source distributions is just too daunting. 
[Personally, I'd be happiest if I never had to type the letters 'rpm'
ever again...]

If someone's already been there and can easily help me, many thanks...

initial impression of the cgtwelve board: sloooowwwww....