Subject: SunSwift - 10/100 Ethernet and SCSI Card
To: None <>
From: Surinder Dio <>
List: port-sparc
Date: 09/09/2000 22:25:25

I have a sparcstation 4 with an Sbus SunSwift card (ie the fast ethernet plus
ultra wide scsi).

I have been through the supported Sparc hardware page and can't seem
to find it - could you tell me if this is supported - I'm especially
interested in the scsi support.

I did orginally have OpenBSD/Sparc 2.7 on it - but that only seemed to
support the ethernet and not the scsi (maybe I'll ask on their list in
case there is a patch or similar).

[Under OpenBSD its identified as 0/100Mbit SunSwift SUNW,fas
Ethernet+SCSI card upon bootup].

I'm trying to turn this into a ftp server and would like to utilize
this scsi connection.


Surinder Singh Dio , School of Computing and Mathematical Sciences  , University of Greenwich, London, England.