Subject: Re: What's "Can't find /packages" mean?
To: Eduardo Horvath <>
From: Greywolf <>
List: port-sparc
Date: 09/07/2000 07:52:09
On Wed, 6 Sep 2000, Eduardo Horvath wrote:

# > Yep.
# > 
# > The funny thing is that even when I switched sd@3,0 and sd@1,0, the disk
# > that WAS sd@1,0 STILL fails with the same message!
# Hm.  I suspect that your prom is hozed.  You can try `set-defaults' and
# clearing out the nvramrc.  You can also try resetting the machine and
# holding down L1-N or L1-D.  Also look in the nvram FAQ and see if it has
# any suggestions for your vertion of the PROM.

Did all that.  back to sd@3,0 == 1GB ST31200W, and it works.
sd@1,0, still a ST32171W, reports Cannot find /packages., what nvram FAQ?  I'll go look on the NetBSD site, but is there
another one?  Ah, found it, thanks :-)

# > # `/packages' is an Open Firmware node that contains some utility things
# > # like disklabel reading packages.  This exists on version 3.x OBP and
# > # possibly on version 2.x OBP.  For instance:
# > 
# > Yeah, I caught that after sifting through bits and pieces of memory
# > pertaining to this information that I'd seen bandied about some time
# > ago (.properties failed but .attributes ("Ah, _that_'s it!") worked, i.e.).
# Eduardo Horvath				   

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