Subject: Integrix UWS1/170E net boot attempt
To: None <>
From: Steven Grunza <>
List: port-sparc
Date: 09/07/2000 01:36:08
I'm trying to get an Integrix UWS1/170E to net boot.  Since I had 1.4.2 for
sparc on hand, I gave that a try but got a "Fast Data Access MMU Miss".
Can I infer from this that the Ultra SPARC's need the sparc64 port?  The
console log is as follows:
ok reset
Resetting ... 

Ultra 1 UPA/SBus (UltraSPARC 167MHz), No Keyboard
OpenBoot 3.0, 256 MB memory installed, Serial #3867098.
Ethernet address 0:40:dc:3b:1:da, Host ID: 803b01da.

ok boot net
Boot device: /sbus/SUNW,hme@e,8c00000  File and args: 
Timeout waiting for ARP/RARP packet
13c00 Fast Data Access MMU Miss

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