Subject: What's "Can't find /packages" mean?
To: SPARC port <>
From: Greywolf <>
List: port-sparc
Date: 09/05/2000 23:25:56
SPARCstation 5, 64 MB, cg6, lpvi, le0, zstty0 etc.

sd3 = 1GB (Seagate 31200N)
sd1 = 2GB (Seagate 32171W)

I have a 1GB disk for my root disk, and a 2GB disk for various and
sundry, and I have a 4GB I want to put in place of my 1G.  Never mind
about sd0, sd2, and sd5 :-).

I dumped root (sd3a) and /var (sd3d) to /altroot (sd1a), which is big
enough for them both.  Went to single-user, refreshed the data on
/altroot.  Installed bootblocks under /altroot via "/usr/mdec/binstall
ffs /altroot" and it cheerfully did so.

Took out the 1GB Seagate and put in a 4GB Fujitsu.  "boot disk1 -s"
returns "Can't find /packages".  "boot" returns "The file just loaded
does not appear to be executable".

"boot disk2" also returns "Can't find /packages".

So, what's the gig, and can I fix this?

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