Subject: Latest snapshot on Tadpole 3GX
To: None <>
From: Michael Wolfson <>
List: port-sparc
Date: 10/27/1999 00:33:53
I just installed the latest snapshot and a -current TADPOLE3GX kernel as
of 10/24/99.  Here's a little feedback:

The boot floppy didn't work.  It got most of the way through loading the
kernel then conked out.  Then again, could be due to the spooky SCSI
floppy the tadpole has.

X works.  Screen dims when idle.  Awesome work, guys.
Only a minor note -- my external mouse doesn't work, only the internal
joypointer.  Since I still haven't gotten used to it, it'd be nice to
enable mouseing.

Serial ports definitely do not work.  I booted up Solaris 2.6 to verify
that my hardware is OK.  Kermit under Solaris works fine on both serial
ports and the modem.  Kermit under the snapshot doesn't see or hear
anything on either of the serial ports (not sure which device to use for
the internal modem).

BTW, to those folks who aren't sure if their serial ports work fine:  try
hooking your tadpole up to another machine and see if you can do 
prom operations over serial.

Rasterconsole isn't significantly faster than the normal scrolling.  Also,
when I quit X, it's inverted (white on black).  Not a big deal, since I
turned it off.

Is there any way to limit the number of "LOW POWER" warnings (or turn them
off)?  It even reported LOW POWER a couple of times when the external
power was plugged in.

Speaking of which, it'd be nice to have a user program to set the
backlight brightness (e.g. to minimum when on battery, max (or high) when
plugged in).

Anyways, it's amazing how much is already supported on these babies.
Thanks for all the hard work getting here.

  -- MW