Subject: Re: SPARC IPC: Questions... THE SOLUTION...
To: Rico Pajarola <>
From: Bruce Lane <>
List: port-sparc
Date: 10/19/1999 06:50:48
At 22:16 17-10-1999 +0200, you wrote:

>I have an IPC with a vt320 on the serial port, and it panics when i have
>both smooth scroll and xon enabled. disabling either solves the problem.
>without xon, it will loose characters if something comes too fast, and
>without smooth scroll, well, you don't have smooth scroll ;)


	Thanks, Rico. For the benefit of those on the list, the problem I was
having was that NetBSD would panic-stop when using a VT420 on serial A as
the console instead of the video output and Sun keyboard.

	Last night, I tried disabling the smooth scroll feature as Rico suggested
above. Wham! Everything worked just fine, and the unit is now my first DNS

	So, folks, the moral of the story is "If you're going to smooth-scroll,
don't use XOFF. If you use XOFF, don't use smooth scroll."

	As to why, exactly, NetBSD does this is another mystery better answered by
those who have a lot more experience writing code than I do. ;-)

	Thanks to all who responded. FWIW, I have yet to try the PROM trick I
mentioned in my original post.

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