Subject: Re: SPARC IPC: Questions...
To: None <>
From: Rico Pajarola <>
List: port-sparc
Date: 10/17/1999 22:16:10
>SPARCstation IPC, 32MB RAM, ver. 1.6 PROM, NetBSD 1.4.1. When I use the
>standard Sun keyboard and graphics console, everything works just grand.
>However, when I disconnect the KB and monitor, and try to use the serial
>console on port A, NetBSD starts to boot and then goes into a panic halt.
>Is there some parameter I need to configure if I'm going to use a serial
>console on the beastie instead of the graphics?
I have an IPC with a vt320 on the serial port, and it panics when i have
both smooth scroll and xon enabled. disabling either solves the problem.
without xon, it will loose characters if something comes too fast, and
without smooth scroll, well, you don't have smooth scroll ;)

>	Next, my question...
>	I have two other SPARCstations, an IPX and a SPARCClassic, with ver. 2.6
>boot PROMs. Can I safely copy the version 2 for the IPC, or will it toss
>its cookies?
no idea. i don't think there's much you gain with a newer version. but i'd
be interested to hear your results ;)