Subject: Re: new toolchain needed for sparc?
To: Scott Smith <>
From: Grey Wolf <>
List: port-sparc
Date: 10/12/1999 14:12:43
Well, -current _is_ in ELFland.  I'm running on the 10Aug1999 snapshot
myself, and that's quite stable.  Rumour has it that 1.5 will be ELFland
as well.

I was running 1.4 which was okay, but I needed to get up to speed,
largely so that the conversion to 1.5 (when it happened) wouldn't blow
up as nastily.

Try taking the 19990810 snapshot and then updating to -current.
You might find it an easier road.  Be sure to look at the files
in /usr/src/etc/etc.sparc and the like to make sure you're up to date

> { I've tried to resubscribe to this list, but it hasn't happened yet, so
> please respond to me if it suits you... }
> I've installed NetBSD 1.4.1 for sparc, but this won't build a GENERIC
> kernel out of -current sources. Is the the comp.tar.gz snapshot on
> appropriate for building kernels? I fooled around with
> trying to bootstrap myself from 1.4 to -current last week and had a bad
> time of it (seems that a  switch to ELF is happening?)
> -matt

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