Subject: Re: a silly question
To: None <>
From: Josh Lynch <>
List: port-sparc
Date: 10/12/1999 16:02:49
> On 12-Oct-99 at 09:16, URA Hiroshi ( wrote:
> > I have no sparc with the CD-ROM drive with 2048Kbytes sectors so that
> > I can't try to boot NetBSD from the CD-ROM dirve. but I heard my friend
> > that his IPX could boot NetBSD from the 2048Kb-only CD-ROM drive 
> > without other medium, such as floppy and tape.
> Hmm.  Sun may have expanded the capabilities of the ROM monitor
> once a bootable CD-ROM spec was standardized.  But remember that
> the SS2 is older than the IPX; so even if the IPX can do it, the
> SS2 might not be able to.  (Or it might depend on ROM revision.)
> Exactly which models and/or ROM revisions support booting from
> 2048-byte-only CD-ROMS would be a very useful item for one of
> the FAQs.

I just received an Ultra 450 (ROM rev. 3) and it came with a cd drive that
only read in 2048Kb blocks. Hence, when I booted from the CD the PROM gave
me a 'CD not bootable'.

There is never a 'for-sure' in hardware but most, if not all, sun PROM's can
only boot from cdrom's that support 512Kb reads.

josh lynch