Subject: Re: a silly question
To: URA Hiroshi <>
From: None <>
List: port-sparc
Date: 10/10/1999 16:33:43
On 10-Oct-99 at 15:54, URA Hiroshi ( wrote:
> > To boot a CD on a Sun the drive must support 512Kb reads. Most SCSI cd
> > drives only support 2048. Just FYI.
> AFAIK, this doesn't apply to NetBSD and Solaris7. The CD-ROM dirve
> that only suuport 2048Kb reads can boot NetBSD from bootable CD-ROM.

What OS you are booting has absolutely no effect on what the ROM
monitor supports for the first boot stage.  So are you claiming
that an SS2 ROM monitor will boot from CD-ROMs with 2048Kb sectors;
or that if you boot the first stage from floppy or some other medium
that you can finish the boot from a 2048Kb-only CD-ROM?