Subject: Error: Keycodes missing for german type 5 keyboard
To: None <>
From: Alexander Sorg <>
List: port-sparc
Date: 10/07/1999 16:22:44
Machine: SUN Sparc 20
Keyboard: german type 5c keyboard
NetBSD: 1.4.1

On this machine following keys give errors on the console and don't
work in X (no output in xconsole):
| (pipe)
< (smaller than)
> (greater than)
These chars are located on a key next to the left-shift key and are
normally (means: under solaris and other OSes with german keyboards)
accessed through shift (>) and alt-graph (|).

The console error message when pressing '<' is:
<date&time> sandmohn /netbsd: kbd0: code=0x7c with mod=0x0 produced
unexpected keysym 0x8302

For releasing code changes to 0xfc. For '>' mod becomes 0x4 and for '|'
mod becomes 0x80.

Is this a misconfiguration on my machine or a un/known bug? Working
with NetBSD without <>| is quite painful. At least copy&pasting under
X works for some basic operations. Telnet works fine nevertheless :)
Thanks for any answers!
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