Subject: Re: Sun Ultra 5 UltraSPARC systems for $1,995
To: Brad Spencer <>
From: Rick Kelly <>
List: port-sparc
Date: 10/06/1999 19:31:51
Brad Spencer said:

>   I will make the (possibly erroneous) assumption that you have never
>   run on an Ultra5 before.
>   Peripheral bus is PCI.
>   All the periphery is IDE (reading ain't bad, writes are slow as hell).
>	   You could put SCSI there but unless it's got an OBP on it, you
>	   won't be able to boot from it.  Sun PCI SCSI ain't cheap.
>I'll vouch for the above.  Very painful sometimes accessing the IDE
>devices sometimes.

I've set up a bunch of these over the last few months. They all have
333 mhz processor, 128MB, and a 9 gig hard disk. They are being used
either as development machines or as testbeds to regression test a
client server application. These machines are running Oracle and
Tuxedo or an inhouse Tuxedo-like application along with inhouse 
application code.

The 9gig drives are slow and I am experimenting with NCR based 
PCI SCSI cards to move Oracle and the database off to a faster

They seem like a nice little server box to me and also work well as
a workstation. The fact that you can throw a PC monitor on them
and that they are now $1995 has me considering the purchase of one
for personal use.
Rick Kelly