Subject: Re: solaris sources
To: None <>
From: Lloyd Parkes <>
List: port-sparc
Date: 10/04/1999 09:34:14
On  1 Oct, wrote:
> Of course the trick is learning how the hardware works and then
> forgetting the solaris code.

That shouldn't be necessary. I used the Linux source as (one of the
pieces of) documentation while writing my LiveWire/MACE ethernet driver.
The Linux PCMCIA support (and kernel in general) is structured
sufficiently differently from the NetBSD one that I could not copy any
of the code even if I had wanted to. I don't see any similarities
between the goals of the NetBSD Foundation and Sun, so it is quite
likely that the OSes will not come close to being kernel source

Lloyd Parkes, Network Manager, School of Earth Sciences
Victoria University of Wellington