Subject: Re: magma LC2+1Sp sparc device question
To: Bill Studenmund <>
From: Peter Eisch <>
List: port-sparc
Date: 10/03/1999 18:51:20
> Looks like it's off by something other than but near 2. :-( I'd suggest
> trying it at magma@600 and ttya@1200 or something like that. Then try
> magma@ nearby values. The advantage of doing it slower is that the baud
> rate generators have valid rates which are closer together, so you're more
> likely to be able to match divisors.

I may have two different problems brewing:

- I went back to the "old" model card (the one with dip switches, and made a fresh device (mknod
/dev/ttym0 c 100 0) and for some silly reason I'm able to use it now from
tip, but pppd refuses -- claims it's not 8bit clean. 

- The "new" model card (no dip switches, if you can pardon my cheesy grab included an addendum sheet that
denotes that it can go faster (460.8kb, up from 128kb) so they may have
gotten tricky and there is a flat-out mismatch.  This is further supported
by the fact that when I downloaded openbsd 2.5, it had the exact same
symptoms as netbsd 1.4.

So I finally cracked the book that came with the card and they have played
a trick so older OS' can use the higher speed interfaces.  These cards are
new to me but there is a 'setport' utility that comes with their drivers. 
Is there such a critter on netbsd?  Does the NetBSD driver "do the right
thing" and I'm I wandering too far afield?