Subject: Re: Help: how to build installation floppies.
To: Bob Myers <>
From: Stephen B. Salai <>
List: port-sparc
Date: 10/01/1999 07:45:23
Bob Myers wrote:
> Hi;
> Unless I am missing something by reading the INSTALL.txt
> file, I don't see any mention on how to create boot floppies
> to allow doing a FTP load.  Can someone point me in the
> right direction or tell me how to do it?
> I'm wanting to install NetBSD on a sparc classic and I don't
> have access to a cdrom drive yet.
> Thanks,
> bob

Bob's right.  It used to be there, that is, it was in the install docs
for earlier versions (check 1.3, I think you will find it).

I think it would be good to put it back in, for the sake of