Subject: Re: Increasing data seg size.
To: Dave McGuire <>
From: David Gilbert <>
List: port-sparc
Date: 07/22/1997 19:55:55
>>>>> "Dave" == Dave McGuire <> writes:

Dave> On July 22, you wrote:
>> I'm having problems with X just exiting (usually after I have
>> several large graphical applications loaded with lots of stuff on
>> the screen)... and since I havn't been getting a core file, I've
>> been figuring that I may need to increase the data seg
>> size... except I can't find the parameter I'm looking for.
>> Anyone done this on 1.2.1?

Dave>   YES...I need this too...I read my mail using VM under xemacs,
Dave> which gets *huge* in memory.  I'm currently having to run it
Dave> under SunOS (yuck) until I figure out whow to placate NetBSD for
Dave> a process this large.  Umm, help? :-)

	Well... the answer to my problem was to find the kernel
parameter MAXDSIZ which is by default 64*1024*1024 --- 64 Megs.  I put
an options line in my config to set this to 128 Megs.  However, emacs
19 will not grow it's datasize beyond 64 megs (has to do with typing
in lisp) ... so it's more likely that a 'ulimit' (bash) or
'limit'-based solution is for you.


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