Subject: Still Having Mouse Problems in X
To: Phil Budne <>
From: Kevin McQuiggin <>
List: port-sparc
Date: 07/08/1997 18:08:25
Hi Phil:

Thanks for the suggestion. I think it's a more basic problem than what
you suggest, because even clicking doesn't get "noticed". If I login
using xdm, the frame of a telnet window appears. I can't move it, but
left-clicking also doesn't anchor the frame and display it. It seems that 
the mouse is not being recognized.

Is this relevant: The mouse has a phone-style plug with 4 prongs on it.
The jack in the keyboard has 6. The LED on the mouse is lit. Is this the
wrong mouse type for this keyboard? The keyboard's only identifying
number is "5-64995-086 REV Q. 249-8807". The mouse says "MSC 901589-001/A 
SUN 370-1091-01". ???

Thanks, any info from anyone appreciated!


> I doubt this will help you, but
just in case... SOME type-3 mice will
> not track on the small, fine-pitch mouse pads that came with SPARCstations.
> It so happens, I'm typing this on a type-3 on a SPARC/IPC, using the original
> IPC's mousepad, so it's not an ABOSOLUTE trusim.  I have a spare mouse
> that WON'T track on the small pad (although I like that mouse better, since
> it's buttom microswitches have a much firmer click).  Since I seem to recall
> 4/110's (like 4/260's) came with type-3 keyboards, it seems unlikely you
> have a small mousepad, but I thought I'd mention it....
> -phil

Kevin McQuiggin VE7ZD