Subject: Re: Mouse Problem in X
To: Kevin McQuiggin <>
From: matthew green <>
List: port-sparc
Date: 07/08/1997 14:44:19
   I may be in the wrong group, but...

nope... is *exactly* for discussing NetBSD/sparc.
   I have a Sun 4/110 and have just installed X11R6 from the 1.2.1
   distribution. I'm running NetBSD 1.2.1.

sounds OK so far ....
   My mouse is not responding. When I start xdm the mouse cursor appears in
   the middle of the screen but is unresponsive to mouse movement and/or

this is less than nice.
   zs0 is probed on boot, I understand this is both kbd and mouse. The mouse
   is plugged into the keyboard (4 pin telephone style plug into 6 pin jack on
   kbd), I have the proper optical mousepad. The red LED inside the mouse is on.

actually, zs0 is ttya and ttyb, and zs1 is the mouse and kbd.  does zs1
probe ?

hmm... i'm not sure i recall hearing about a problem like this before.