Subject: Re: Problems booting a diskless SLC
To: None <port-sparc@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Oliver Paulzen <>
List: port-sparc
Date: 07/04/1997 09:56:30
Heya PPL...

In article <slrn5roebh.1ko.opp@sunday.MuFFiN.Org>, Oliver Paulzen wrote:
> Hi!
> I've got troubles booting a SPARCstation SLC diskless from my
> NetBSD/sparc box (IPX) which runs the latest sparc-snapshot (1.2D). I
> set up the rarpd and tftp service and moved the /usr/mdec/boot to
> /tftpboot/ as the clients IP-address in hex + .SUN4C, which is
> /tftpboot/C044D596.SUN4C (IP is
> The tcpdump looks something like this:
> For me it looks like the rarpd-stuff works but the requested file
> doesn't get through...but I'm able to tftp it with an tftp-client.
> Does anyone know how this is to be interpreted? Or any other hint?

Actualy I fixed this tftp-problem, which was a broken arp-entry, by
faking a valid one (the SLC had an 'incomplete' entry). (maybe this
can be documented in some sort of FAQ or manpage ;-))

Now I get the Xkernel, which is a small SunOS-kernel with Xsun as
init, to work, but would like to have NetBSD on this machine as I may
be able to share the /usr with the IPX.

But I've got troubles booting it: The kernel starts and wants to mount
the swapdevice. Everything I get is 'errno = 2' for mountd.
diskless(8) mentions something like "If the kernel is configured for
swap on NFS,...". How do I configure the kernel for that? I think I
did everything according to diskless(8).

If I disable swapping (no entry in /etc/bootptab) the boot hangs with
"RPC timout for server <ip-in-hex>"...for what is it waiting here?

Many thanx in advance...

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