Subject: Re: crashing when starting X
To: matthew green <>
From: Iain Hibbert <>
List: port-sparc
Date: 12/31/1996 19:10:56
On Mon, 23 Dec 1996, matthew green wrote:

> (gdb) set nbuf=128
> this will limit the number of buffers.  this is caused by the changed of
> MAXBSIZE, which has shown itself to be rather annoying on lower end sparcs,
> and we must (for now) work around with the above.  there are also others
> options available;  i mailed them to this list recently.

I have had a good play around now, and could not get the above to work, but I
have changed MAXBSIZE back to 16384 as advised elsewhere in param.h and that
seemingly works fine..  (SS1, 16Mb RAM)

I guess adding "options MAXBSIZE=16384" to my config file would have the 
same effect, and with less impact on the master source tree, am compiling 
a new kernel now like that to see..

oh, and I had to change the rd's to md's in the end of sparc/include/conf.h
to get things compiling, though I'm sure somebody has fixed that by now (or
the time this reaches the list, whichever is the later :)