Subject: Re: More SMD adventures.
To: Christopher Wiles <>
From: David Gilbert <>
List: port-sparc
Date: 12/27/1996 23:48:26
>>>>> "Christopher" == Christopher Wiles <> writes:

Christopher> On Fri, 27 Dec 1996, Jason Thorpe wrote:
>> I remember Chuck mentioned some lost interrupt problem to me some
>> time ago, and he added the watchdog timer to get past the missed
>> interrupt.  I don't believe he's found the bug that causes it yet.
>> I recall someone here on port-sun3 had the same problem (I'm sorry,
>> I don't recall exactly who it was), and was looking into it...

Christopher> 'Twas I, and I'm trying to track down docs on the 451
Christopher> controller so I can eliminate munged jumpers as a cause
Christopher> ...

	Well... someone (havn't got the name right in front of me)
send me rather complete doumentation on the 7053 card... and I have
the jumpers set correctly.  Now... I also have a 3/260 and several
spare SMD cards including a 451 and another 7053.  I only have 7053
cables, however.

	But... this will allow me to test this stuff out on my Sun
3/260 as well.  Now... it's very possible that the new 150M cartridge
tape drive in my 4/260 won't boot sun tapes, but I'm assuming that my
Sun3 will... and that I'll be able to run format/diagnostics on the
drives from the SunOS install.

	I'm hoping to have some time tomorrow to try this.


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