Subject: Re: wanted: sparc 4m miniroot
To: Dylan D Zehr <>
From: Rob Windsor <>
List: port-sparc
Date: 12/24/1996 05:07:37
Verily did Dylan D Zehr write:

> I recently tried to install NetBSD-sparc 1.2 on a Sun LX.

> I followed the installation notes of putting a miniroot in the swap
> partition of the Solaris 2.5 install, and booting off of it.

Ugh.  I don't think that NetBSD/sparc groks Solaris 2.x filesystems properly
(yet).  You may be losing in a big way because of that.

> The ftp site had a miniroot for 4 and 4c (no 4m) I tried the 4c and it
> blew chunks as expected, the 4 miniroot booted most of the way and
> hung.

warped:/ftp/pub/NetBSD/NetBSD-1.2/sparc>grep 4m README
miniroot-12.fs.sun4c    - NetBSD/sparc miniroot for sun4c/sun4m

> What I'm wondering is, does anyone out there have a setup specifically
> for the 4m's and/or possiblly one tested on an LX.

I can build you a kernel specifically for 4m if you wish, but See Above
on what I think you're losing on.

... And minutes later, Dylan wrote:

> In my mail a few minutes ago, I listed said the 4c miniroot failed
> completely, I was wrong, the plain 4 miniroot failed on execution.

> The 4c booted most of the way.  It appears to be failing somewhere
> after probing the hardware, possiblly on the rc files.

Yeah, ugh.  See Above.

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