Subject: Re: scsi sub-system
To: Marshall Midden <>
From: Jason Thorpe <>
List: port-sparc
Date: 12/18/1996 10:33:58
On Wed, 18 Dec 1996 11:09:10 -0600 
 "Marshall Midden" <> wrote:

 > If a disk drive is set up with the jumper on that says don't spin up
 > with power-up, you can run into problems if the disk accidently loses
 > power and then gets powered back up.
 > The kernel doesn't power it back up.
 > After you pull the jumper and get it spinning, you can read the raw disk,
 > but a ccd (active file system) still can't access the drive... .

Hmm, ouch.  So... what errors did the scsi subsystem report when it was
unable to spin the disk back up?

Ok, so take a look at sdopen()... You'll note that the disk is sent
a START only on the _first_ open.  It may be possible to detect the
error condition, attempt to re-spin the disk, and requeue the

 > reboot, and fsck -f did not show any problems whatsoever.

Well, that's good, at least :-)

 > Back to collecting tons of data, only losing 3 minutes worth of data.
 > (still a very fast reboot and fsck of a huge file system!)


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