Subject: XView toolkit
To: NetBSD Mailinglist <port-hp300@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Zadok <>
List: port-sparc
Date: 12/17/1996 14:09:31
Hi there...

Just to show myself that my 345 can be faster than a sparc classic I
recently began to port the xview toolkit to NetBSD... and if my memory
doesn't fool me someone asked for it some days ( weeks ? ) ago. I simply
took the Linux-port ( more a posix-port (grin) ) and after some tweaking
most of it runs. the only bigger change was the regex-code, but that seems
to work now. What works now are the libraries ( libolgx and libxview )
where libxview has still some problems when running a cmdtool, it claims
that some ioctl's are flaky and it can't write utmp, but that should not
be the problem. olwm and olwmslave works fine, props works, but not on my
64color catseye display, xview seems to know only 2 - or 256 color
displays, via network on a 256color display ( my linux box ) anything
works. I think the X server on the HP is somewhat buggy, the xview clock
and the cmdtool make it crash the whole machine but via network they run
fine. Up to now I have compiled the libraries, olwm/olwmslave, textedit,
props and cmdtool, all of them work more or less, see above... and cmdtool
has problems with libxview's tty code. I'll have a look.
If anyone has interest I could post / upload the binaries and the modified
sources somewhere.
I think it will compile on NetBSD-sparc without any modification ( say - I
hope so... ), I'll soon try it, that's why the crossposting...