Subject: Re: Booting 7053?
To: None <>
From: Chuck Cranor <>
List: port-sparc
Date: 12/16/1996 10:34:56
>	Anyways, I could use an expert from the group to help me with
>this ... I'd like to get 1.2 onto the SMD disks to boot (I'm running a
>late sup of 1.1 now).

hi dave-

    first off i'd check the jumpers on the 7053's just to be sure.
please refer to:
also, is the VME backplane config'd properly (Px03 and Px04 "out")?

    does the system boot properly with the 7053's in (but no disks
attached)?   depending on the state of your drives, you may need to 
run sunos format on them.

    you are right about the command bus: it chains and must be terminated
at the end drive.   you might consider checking to make sure this is the
case (if the enclosure you have has both "in" and "out" it might not
have a terminator on it?).    the data bus doesn't chain.