Subject: Re: LANDISK Wiki is ready
To: None <>
From: Masao Uebayashi <>
List: port-sh3
Date: 05/26/2006 17:59:52
> There is a 5 pin connector (well, holes) labelled CN07 at the far end of the 
> circuit board from the external connectors under the protective cover. I 
> guess this is it?!?

Right.  According to this URL:

Ths pins are:

	1	3.3v
	2	RxD
	3	TxD
	4	GND
	5	NC

(The pin aside a triangle is the number 1 pin.)

> I'd like to replace the .jp PSU with a .uk one and need to know the pinouts of 
> the 8 pin output off the PSU. Only 2,3,4 and 6 are connected and I guess they 
> are +12V, GND, GND, and +5V respectively. Am I right?

What is a PSU? ;-)