Subject: Re: LANDISK Wiki is ready
To: None <>
From: Masao Uebayashi <>
List: port-sh3
Date: 05/17/2006 09:17:37
> I used ADM3202 [1].  I asked a H/W coworker to connect the board <->
> IC <-> connector.  He said he could use the referencial schematics
> (seen in the following URL and in the datasheet).
> (I don't understand even such an easy schematics. :-)
> Masao
> [1],,767_831_ADM3202,00.html

The schematic I'm using is exactly the same as the one in the URL.

You need to connect:

1) TxD, RxD, and GND as:

	ADM3202 T1IN  <-> TxD from CPU
	ADM3202 R1OUT <-> RxD from CPU

	ADM3202 T1OUT <-> TxD to connector
	ADM3202 R1IN  <-> RxD to connector

	ADM3202 GND   <-> GND to connector

2) 5 capacitors as the reference shows.