Subject: Re: Dynamic linking is go (again)
To: None <>
From: Izumi Tsutsui <>
List: port-sh3
Date: 07/06/2003 05:42:17
In article <> wrote:

> > I notice that ld/emulparams/ in binutils-
> > sets wrong default ENTRY point and it causes the problem.
> If that was the case, then how come I can link working binaries with
> my native toolchain, which is also based on binutils-

I have not tracked it yet, but if -nostdlib is not specified on
linking binaries, "-e __start" is passed to ld by gcc
(which is specified as NETBSD_LINK_SPEC_ELF in gcc/config/netbsd-elf.h)
so it works. The problem only happens when binaries are built
with USETOOLS=yes (i.e. -nostdlib is specified).

> Anyway, looking at the crt0.c of i386_elf, they seem to define both
> _start and __start to the same address so that the linker can choose
> either, and then call the high level entry function "___start".  Maybe
> we should do the same?  Then there shouldn't be a compatibility issue
> at least.

In sh3_elf/crt0.c, __start and _start are different,
but __start only push r9 and r8 into stack for args
of (Obj_Entry *) and (struct ps_strings *).
(actually ENTRY is machine dependent value in gcc)

I'm not familiar with startup code, but if these args
are only used by PIC binaries, I guess there is no
compatibility problem.
Izumi Tsutsui